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Rest well, live better.

Improving life wellness starts with a quality night's sleep.

Why Saatva Mattresses Benefit Your Wellness

Luxury coil innerspring mattresses breathe

Most people are not aware of the significant health benefit of ultra premium innerspring construction. There is airflow between the springs which allows for clean evaporation of water from nightly perspiration. This cleanliness acts as a significant deterrent to germs and dust mites. Additionally, because our beds have great air flow they will always sleep cool.

Densified foam layering system

This system is designed to provide additional support in the middle third of the mattress (the lumbar region). We pre-compress the cushioning in the lumbar area to eliminate breakdown and provide additional support. In addition, we have added a layer of visco-elastic memory foam in order to provide extra pressure relief in this area of the body most commonly associated with pressure points. This system will enhance the quality and comfort in our beds, making it one of the best mattress values in the ultra premium classification

The benefits of a luxury pillow top

People with back, hip or overall joint pain will feel more comfortable on a bed that gently contours and nourishes the back, hips, shoulders and overall joints. Our euro top pillow top provides the perfect amount of cushion contouring in conjunction with providing proper firm support for the spine.

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Chiropractic Seal Of Approval

Saatva mattresses contain the patented "Spinal Zone' sleep technology that will help reduce back pain and stiffness through an active wire support in the center third of our mattress. The 'zone' helps provide correct spinal alignment resulting in increased sleep quality. Working in conjunction with Saatva's individually wrapped coil system, the Spinal Zone can react to any body type to provide a wide range of support, improve weight distribution, and lessen pressure points.

Official Mattress of Healthbridge Sleep

Saatva mattresses have been chosen as the official mattress of the Healthbridge Sleep Medicine. Healthbridge is one of the northeast's premier sleep clinics, and is a clinical affiliate of Northwell Health and St. Francis Hospitals. Winner of "Best of Long Island" Sleep Center, they have been helping people with sleep disorders for over 15 years.

"Saatva mattresses have been shown to dramatically improve the quality of our patient's sleep. Additionally, I have personally chosen Saatva to replace my $2,800 Tempurpedic. It is such a comfortable, healthy, and luxurious mattress"

    - Dr. David Edelson MD, FACP
      Founder / Director of Healthbridge.