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With our Saatva mattress, we love delivering happiness! Why are there so many positive reviews for Saatva unlike every other source in our industry? Positive reviews are our reward for delivering honest value and ultra-luxury quality with our American handcrafted Saatva mattress. We will always act swiftly, courteously and efficiently to correct any human error. We will always treat you as a best friend.

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***** Rating: 4.9/5 - 1490 Reviews

Published Oct 15, 2015 by


212 of 220 people found the following review helpful
awesome customer service

I purchased a luxury firm mattress from Saatva this Spring. In my research of Saatva's mattresses this one seemed to be the most recommended for back sleepers. Everything from ordering to delivery went accordingly. At first I was not sure if I made the right decision on my firmness choice but read that you should give it at least 2 months to break in. After 2 months my lower back pain got worse. Unfortunately my wife was/is going through a serious medical condition and I just put everything else on hold. Anyway my back pain became so bad that I decided to look at Saatva's guarantee. I discovered I was well past the 75 days to return the mattress so I just decided I had to try to get used to it. It only got worse so I started sleeping on the sectional were my wife slept. Finally I thought it can't hurt to call Saatva and ask if there was anything they could suggest to improve my situation.

I contacted Saatva and explained my back problems and expected to be told that sorry your guarantee return time is well past due. I wish I could remember the name of the Saatva agent I spoke with as to mention her here. I was not given the usual, sorry I wish we could help but ...etc. I was told that "yes your return time is past due but we really try to satisfy our customers. She thought that with my lower back problems I would be better suited with a firm mattress. I thought great but just how much more is this going to cost me. I was then told that they would send me the new mattress and pick up the one I had and I just had to pay $99.00 for the shipping. Considering that most company's would not accommodate my situation due to the contract but Saatva went above and beyond what I expected from them. Also I never did mention my wife's condition to them so it was not a sympathy thing.
I am always skeptical of any company's statements of "customer satisfaction is our promise" Saatva has shown me that they back up what they say.

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Published Feb 27, 2017 by


205 of 212 people found the following review helpful
A note about the "firm"

Overall, great experience. Very happy with my mattress.

I originally ordered the 'luxury firm' based on the recommendation of Cody who was very helpful on chat. However when I slept on it initially, I found it to be too soft and it hurt my back. That situation improved after a few nights, but I still wanted a firmer bed, so I did an exchange that went very smoothly.

If you think you are someone who wants a very firm mattress--the type they have in hotels in Asia, for example--I'd go with the FIRM. Put this way: I don't think anyone would call the 'luxury firm' a firm or very firm mattress. It's kind of a typical firm-ish bed. If you are one to seek a firm bed, go with the FIRM.

Good luck

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Published Sep 22, 2012 by


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Saatva Quality Firm Review

I would never consider ordering a mattress from the internet, save the excellent reviews I read. I certainly found them to be true regarding the personal assistance I received. Although I ended up returning the mattress, it was due to my wife recently having back surgery. This was not a good time to be investing in a new mattress, especially one online. The quality of the product was as advertised; however, it was abit too firm for us. We elected to return the product and found the return policy as advertised and the quality of the assistance was exceptional. I would not hesitate to purchase a mattress and box spring from this company. My only advice is to know that it will take several weeks to break the mattress in and firm is firm, so if you need a soft, i suggest you consider ordering their soft.

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Published Apr 1, 2016 by


260 of 279 people found the following review helpful
Very happy

I am a first timer to order a mattress on line. We always wanted to see what we are buying. The 75 day return & the price we took a big leap of faith. We have not regreted one day. So far we have had our mattress for 1 month & we sleep until the alarm, something that has not happened in quite some time. I cannot stop telling our family about we did. Our kids say no you did not order on line! Yes we did. My brother liked our bed so much he ordered 2. It has been a wonderful experience. Thank you saatva!

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Published Jun 15, 2017 by


173 of 175 people found the following review helpful
Best Mattress We've Ever Had!

I wanted to wait awhile before writing this review. We've had the Saatva Luxury Firm for more than a year now and it is, hands down, the best mattress we've ever had. (At 65, that'something.)

It's not too firm or too soft and it hasn't lost its shape at all. And the organic cotton gives it a soft "clean" feel, free of chemical odors.

I have Fibromyalgia and arthritis in my back and neck and have always had trouble finding a comfortable mattress.

All the good reviews here are what convinced me to give this a try. I will definitely be buying here again the next time we're in the market for a new mattress.

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Published May 25, 2012 by


293 of 306 people found the following review helpful
Great mattress one minor issue........

The mattress is very comfortable - great customer experience. The only problem I have is the mattress doesn't have any handles to pick up the mattress when you need to turn it or to put sheets on. Living alone, it makes it very difficult to do either of those things.

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Published Sep 7, 2015 by


196 of 200 people found the following review helpful
Average Mattress, Good Service

We bought the flagship luxury firm king a little over a year ago. Within two weeks significant sags began to develop, and I wrote a tepid review after a couple of months. Someone, perhaps Ed, promptly and courteously inquired about my concerns, analyzed the problem as a sagging pillowtop, and voluntarily and generously refunded about 20% of the total purchase price (I was a little past the return date, I think- my fault). I would have to say that customer service was excellent. However, after a year, I can report that the sags are far worse than what you'd expect from a decent, never mind premium, mattress, two or three inches deep on each side (and the combined weight for my wife and I is about 250 lbs.) The mattress has been tough on my back. The positive reviews are what led me to try Saatva, and I was really hoping for a very good mattress at a very good price. What I got, though, was a mediocre mattress at a mediocre price (I have since bought another mattress from another manufacturer for another bed that is better for less money). What is most disturbing, though, is that I noticed that I could not find the review I wrote several months ago shortly after I wrote it, nor when I just looked through every review presently listed. I strongly suspect that many poor and fair reviews are "culled" to achieve the high average, but it may be that my earlier review disappeared for some other reason.

Our Response:

We thank this customer for complimenting our customer service and for referring to our 20% courtesy refund as generous. We do wish that the customer contacted us by email or phone to describe the present condition of this clearly defective Saatva. We are happy that this customer has found a mattress that performs well for him but it would have been our immediate want and pleasure to service his defective mattress under our 15 year non pro rated warranty with many "consumer centric" options. Again, we wish we were contacted to service this valued customer instead of receiving his post after buying another mattress. We hope to hear from him so that we may have the opportunity to swiftly and happily service his rare defective Saatva. All being said, we wish him health and happiness going forward.

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Published Jul 15, 2014 by


199 of 208 people found the following review helpful

We've got our Saatva about 2 years ago. I don't leave reviews right after the purchase..there is always pitfalls after a while. Well...so far there wasn't any. I had a terrible backache for few month. I Was blaming it on my work, where i spend all day an my feet. When i went to the doctor, he recommended switching my mattress. So i went to Sleepys...After lying down on a dozen mattresses i found no particular difference except for price difference $800 -3000. How do you know how your mattress going to feel when you sleep on it every night? You just don't. So, the same night i googled "best mattress", and that how i found my Saatva. Delivery was fast, and since then we were sleeping really well.
In 8 years i know exactly what my next mattress going to be:))
Please keep this company going!!! You Guys are the best!!!

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Dear Valued Customer,

Nearly every consumer is happy with the Saatva buying experience. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please call me directly and allow me the opportunity to take care of you!

Ed Brians, EVP

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