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With our Saatva mattress, we love delivering happiness! Why are there so many positive reviews for Saatva unlike every other source in our industry? Positive reviews are our reward for delivering honest value and ultra-luxury quality with our American handcrafted Saatva mattress. We will always act swiftly, courteously and efficiently to correct any human error. We will always treat you as a best friend.

- Ed Brians, EVP


We are so proud to announce that Saatva was the best reviewed mattress brand with an average rating of 9.7/10 on over 30,000 reviews.

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***** Rating: 4.9/5 - 1490 Reviews

Published Oct 7, 2014 by


94 of 98 people found the following review helpful
Sweet Dreams

We bought our mattress in February 2013. We selected the Luxury Firm and after sleeping on it for a month we were concerned it was too firm for us. I called customer service and got great care. I was about to head out of the country for a few weeks and they generously suggested we wait to do an exchange upon my return. Our Plush Soft mattress was delivered and we LOVE it. I am still trying to convince some friends that it really is a great idea to forego the shopping saga and order this amazing high-end mattress online. The quality of the product and the exceptional customer service make this a no-brainer. So glad we "believed" in all the positive reviews--they are genuine.

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Published Mar 30, 2016 by


182 of 204 people found the following review helpful
Great mattress

All the advertising for Saatva is true! Service and shipping were fast and efficient. Sales people very professional. I have been sleeping on this mattress for several months and been comfortable every night. Great company and great product.

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Published Aug 16, 2016 by


126 of 137 people found the following review helpful
This mattress really makes me happy

I don't write a lot of reviews, but I got the Luxury Firm about five weeks ago, and it is really exceptional. Having always slept on very firm mattresses, I was worried that it would be too soft. It wasn't. You don't actually notice how good the mattress is the moment you lie down, but after about a minute you realize that all of your pressure points, mine at least, have disappeared, and you feel almost like you are floating. And, when you wake up in the morning, you still feel that way. The only problem is that there is no urge to get up. Just lie there. It's cheap for what it is, if not in absolute terms, but it's a worthwhile investment. Happiness is were you find it. Bed is a good place.

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Published Oct 29, 2013 by


131 of 137 people found the following review helpful
Horrible Order Fulfillment

Going on day 10 from my order and still no mattress! They said they were "out of stock"?! I am hoping the mattress experience will be better than waiting for the mattress.

Our Response:
We are so sorry as this customer is absolutely correct. We had oversold on the particular item she purchased. It is an anomaly for us to miss on a time quote, but it can happen on a rare occasion. Again, we did apologize and made sure she was called to schedule her delivery on day 10.

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Published Apr 20, 2014 by


94 of 99 people found the following review helpful
Amazing experience

Not being of the E-commerce generation, ordering this mattress sight-unseen from a non bricks and mortar company was a huge leap of faith for me! It all happened EXACTLY like Saatva said it would! My "Plush Soft" mattress is truly luxurious in looks and feel...plenty of support but so soft to the touch... EXACTLY what I wanted!The customer service is 10 Star treatment..I didn't know this level of buying and service existed! Saatva makes the "process" so easy and their website is fantastic! I will definitely be a return customer!

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Published Mar 3, 2014 by


99 of 105 people found the following review helpful
The Best Purchase

I was researching mattresses to replace my old saggy mattress and box spring. I was waking up stiff every morning and was tired from tossing and turning through the night. I over-researched mattresses to death and had almost decided on one that I saw on a discount website. Then I was laying on my floor due to my aching back and was googling mattresses with my smart phone one more time and Saatva popped up. I had never seen that web site before. After reading everything on the web site and researching reviews, I was sold. I took a chance and ordered the Luxury Firm Queen size. It was delivered within 10 days and I have to say it is the best bed I have ever slept on. The quality is high end - the materials are everything that they say they are. It took a few days for the aching back to start to feel better but I do not wake up stiff anymore. It has been about a month. So I highly recommend this product - it is worth the price and I feel like I made a very wise purchase.

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Published Feb 20, 2014 by


119 of 129 people found the following review helpful
Stand by their promise

We received our mattress in the time promised. However, we did not like the feel of it. We were able to return it for the refund minus shipping.Thank you for being true to your word.

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Published Mar 22, 2013 by


109 of 117 people found the following review helpful

Slept on a Pedic brand for 3 years,always had back pain..Got this mattress 6 months ago..6 months pain free..Seriously,,Thanks Saatva

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Dear Valued Customer,

Nearly every consumer is happy with the Saatva buying experience. If for any reason you are unsatisfied, please call me directly and allow me the opportunity to take care of you!

Ed Brians, EVP

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