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With our Saatva mattress, we love delivering happiness! Why are there so many positive reviews for Saatva unlike every other source in our industry? Positive reviews are our reward for delivering honest value and ultra-luxury quality with our American handcrafted Saatva mattress. We will always act swiftly, courteously and efficiently to correct any human error. We will always treat you as a best friend.

- Ed Brians, EVP

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We are so proud to announce that Saatva was the best reviewed mattress brand with an average rating of 9.7/10 on over 30,000 reviews.

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Published May 12, 2016

by Vince


Verified Customer

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If only the rest of the world worked this well!

Wow...What a company and what a product!

I shopped and shopped and shopped for a mattress that would be just right for my wife and I. We actually bought a quality memory foam mattress that we didn't like and which gave us both a backache. I am 6' and 240 lbs. having had two back surgeries and a recently broken back. My wife is average-sized at 5'5' and 230 lbs. So, we have different physiologies for sure!

After shopping around and actually sleeping on good beds in both high-end hotels and friends homes, both of us thought we might want a firm mattress, as we always managed to have less back stress on the firmer ones. I was a little sheepish about buying sight-unseen online, but what the heck, with a 75 day in-home warranty, how could I really lose? We ordered our Saatva firm mattress.

Communications were excellent and immediate after the sale with educated and qualified customer service personnel. My mattress arrived in perfect shape and in good time. The quality was astounding and I was quite proud of my purchase.

Now for the rest of the story! The firm mattress is VERY FIRM! We actually found it uncomfortably firm after about 10 days and I started to doubt my decision. I called Saatva and told them about my disappointment in the nicest way I could. I was actually embarrassed to exercise my guarantee, since I know this costs a company a lot of money. Well Saatva was unbelievable. They told me that they would get back to me with a shipping and pick-date which they did with a smile. My crew arrived, once again, right on schedule and took away our super firm mattress and left us with a shiny new Luxury firm....which is totally awesome.

I cannot say enough for this company. I love them! Maybe other companies should take a page from Saatva's book and adopt their outstanding customer service. Jeez maybe our government could learn a thing or two about taking care of it's people.

Anyway.....Buy this mattress!
Buy from this company!
You won't be sorry!

Vince D

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Published Sep 7, 2015

by Dave B.


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Average Mattress, Good Service

We bought the flagship luxury firm king a little over a year ago. Within two weeks significant sags began to develop, and I wrote a tepid review after a couple of months. Someone, perhaps Ed, promptly and courteously inquired about my concerns, analyzed the problem as a sagging pillowtop, and voluntarily and generously refunded about 20% of the total purchase price (I was a little past the return date, I think- my fault). I would have to say that customer service was excellent. However, after a year, I can report that the sags are far worse than what you'd expect from a decent, never mind premium, mattress, two or three inches deep on each side (and the combined weight for my wife and I is about 250 lbs.) The mattress has been tough on my back. The positive reviews are what led me to try Saatva, and I was really hoping for a very good mattress at a very good price. What I got, though, was a mediocre mattress at a mediocre price (I have since bought another mattress from another manufacturer for another bed that is better for less money). What is most disturbing, though, is that I noticed that I could not find the review I wrote several months ago shortly after I wrote it, nor when I just looked through every review presently listed. I strongly suspect that many poor and fair reviews are "culled" to achieve the high average, but it may be that my earlier review disappeared for some other reason.


We thank this customer for complimenting our customer service and for referring to our 20% courtesy refund as generous. We do wish that the customer contacted us by email or phone to describe the present condition of this clearly defective Saatva. We are happy that this customer has found a mattress that performs well for him but it would have been our immediate want and pleasure to service his defective mattress under our 15 year non pro rated warranty with many "consumer centric" options. Again, we wish we were contacted to service this valued customer instead of receiving his post after buying another mattress. We hope to hear from him so that we may have the opportunity to swiftly and happily service his rare defective Saatva. All being said, we wish him health and happiness going forward.

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Published Jul 28, 2013

by Kevin C


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Twice Disappointed after 6 months

I purchased a Saatva mattress in February after my 8 year old mattress was sagging too much. I really like a firm mattresses and my wife agreed to the extra firm if my complaining would stop. I talked with the associates and they agreed it would be a good fit with my sleeping descriptions. We are in the extended delivery area so our delivery took 10-14 day and extra cost - very acceptable. The mattress was extremely firm out of the box. We had the mattress approximately a week or so and my wife hated it and had to see a chiropractor because her neck hurt so bad - she began sleeping in our guest bed room. I called the Saatva about getting a change. They suggested a topper to put on top. This probably would have been ok, but the mattress is already 14" and 4 more seemed too high and finding sheets would be impossible. We settled on getting a new Luxury Firm. KEY NOTE, I didn't know that I would be charged a new $300 delivery fee. That hurt. The new mattress comes and the wife loves it, all is well. Now it is six months later, we've rotated the bed as suggested, but divets have developed and you have to sleep in one position. When you sleep on your side, your legs are higher and you get a twisting motion. 7 hours is about all we can take before have to get out of bed. I'm about 190 and my wife is 125. We just didn't expect after $1600 we would have this issue. I'm eating alot of crow for trying the online thing and we'll be shopping for a new mattress soon. Again very disappointed.


We tried contacting Kevin C multiple times through phone and email. Whenever a customer is unhappy, we try to make it right. Unfortunately, because we could not reach Kevin C, we could not make this right. If you have any issue, we want to correct it. Simply give us a call at 1.877.672.2882 and ask for Ed Brians, EVP.
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Published Feb 28, 2017

by Kari


Verified Customer
Plush Soft

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Worth the internet ordering gamble

I wanted to give myself at least a month before reviewing our mattress to ensure I was being fair. This morning, I feel compelled to write this review because it might help someone, like me, who tirelessly searched the internet for information on mattresses and visited countless local mattress stores.

I can honestly say that clicking that button after putting or credit card information in was daunting, but it was the BEST gamble we have made on something that affects our daily lives!

We ordered the Saatva Plush Soft King slim mattress. We also purchased the split 4.75" foundation to go with it. We really like a soft bed and have been searching for the right one for 2 years. We retired our 12 year old Beautyrest that we melted into and loved because the middle started to sag. Three years ago, we bought a new Beautyrest and went up a level in quality in their line. It was the worst mistake we have ever made. We spent so much money on that mattress and never slept good on it. The quality of their mattresses are not what they were 12 years ago. Their mattress felt lifeless or dead. Our arms fell asleep numerous times each night and our hips and shoulders and back hurt every morning. We thought is this because we are now 40 with 3 kids? NO! It was because we had a poorly constructed mattress.

We started researching mattresses and were starting to believe the hype of the foam mattress world, but could not swallow the prices. We also are 100% not memory foam people. We do not like the feel of the slow moving sink in. So that brought us down to 2 feasible options, a coil mattress like we had or a latex mattress. After months of research and long debates we had our choices narrowed down to 2 mattresses. The Saatva and a 100% latex mattress. Both of these were online ordering gambles.

We were after that soft mattress feel that makes you feel like you are in a fluffy cloud and decided the latex mattress, even the soft ones, could never give us that feel based on the reviews. Our decision was made! Saatva was it!

We have been on our bed now for a month. I have never slept better. My husband says the same! I woke up today feeling refreshed...yes you heard that...REFRESHED at 6:30 am!! We did get the Plush Soft and I wanted to address this to those on the fence like we were between that and the Luxury Firm. The Plush Soft, when we layed down to sleep on it the first night we were nervous we had made a mistake because it did not give us that fluffy pillow feel we had hoped for. However, when we woke up feeling better than we have felt in 3 years, we were sold. The Plush Soft is just soft enough to comfort you and ease the pressure on your hips and shoulder for side sleepers like us. I also sleep on my back a lot and it gives a great deal of support as well. This bed makes you feel like you are weightless or floating on it vs. sinking into a feather bed. It is definitely not too soft in our opinion. We are both under 160 lbs and under 5'9" so that could be a factor in your decision if you are bigger than us. This mattress is like heaven to us now and we feel like we found a mattress that we will love for years to come!

The whole process of ordering and delivery was quick and easy and flawless! I am so happy that we took the gamble because I have caught up on year of lost sleep! Love Saatva!

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Published Jun 17, 2017

by nancy hodges


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Simply the Best!

I was awakening every morning with back pain. Finally, I ordered. after much research, the SAATVA matress. I first ordered the middle choice, most popular, matress. Although it felt like Heaven. I discovered that my back needed a little more support. I called SAATVA customer service and they quickly changed my mattress to the Firm choice. The Firm choice is not rock hard and has more support. After a week I noticed that my back pain was gone and my mattress feels wonderful. I will never settle for another brand. I am 67 years old, work full time, and need my sleep and SAATVA has given me that gift. Worth every penny. Don't fall for those Sterns and other hyped promises from the higher priced companies. I did that and this mattress is my blessing. Thank you, SAATVA!

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Published Feb 15, 2016

by Pam Cook


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Comfortable. ..but...

The mattress is every bit as comfortable as promised and as most reviewers confirm. The problem with this buying experience is not the quality of the mattress it is the delivery. The delivery of our mattress was a disaster. Rescheduled first due to weather (no problem with that), reset to a Monday with delivery set between 1-4. After 4:00 passes we beging calling the delivery company. This independent company transferred us around to the right geographic office. After about 30 minutes on the phone, the dispatcher says no delivery is scheduled... we protest...ask to speak to someone else...then yes a delivery IS scheduled and in fact the truck is in our neighborhood. We wait for the truck and it does not arrive. Back on the phone...back to being transferred around. New dispatcher who says she doesnt know why the others said the truck was near when in fact it was just now in the neighborhood. The truck arrives after 6:00 pm and guess what...no mattress. They pulled the wrong stuff (IKea furniture). Back on the phone... another 60 minutes to explain and get a new date. We called Saatva who did not take ownership of this problem...advised us to work it out with the delivery company. Our delivery woes are not done... delivery is reschedule for another day... truck again shows up 2 hours past past the delivery window but they have the mattress so, fine. Our bedroom is on the second floor...the 3 delivery men can't figure out how to get the mattress up our typical stairway. They damage our walls as the mattress drags up the stairs. We ask about the damage and they shrug and say we need to call the company. At last...we have our mattress, but it is dirty or on corner where it was dragged and stitching on the mattress top was damaged. Good grief... We call Saatva. Send pics of the damaged walls and dirty and damaged mattress. And as is their MO, they rebate $150.00 for the delivery fiasco and offer to send a new mattress - but try to say the damage to the mattress is due to the hand stitching of the top. We push back to say no, looks like it's due to delivery - especially with the dirt in the same spot...but at this point, I don't care. We complain again the damage to the paint and walls in our stairway...another $100.00 is offered. So... the mattress is comfortable as promised. But the company needs to take ownership of their end to end process. It's not enough to market and sell a nice product if you cant deliver it on time without hassle.

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Published May 5, 2015

by Elizabeth Toglia


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My partner and I purchased the mattress last spring after reading all the wonderful reviews. I ordered the Luxury firm mattress which is the flagship middle bet not to soft and not to firm. This mattress is way to firm. My body does not conform into a supportive position. Lower back ached and upper shoulders very tense. I did put a memory foam cushion over it but
did not help. This mattress has been moved to the guest bedroom. I did call to have the plush delivered but it was a delivery fee of 150.00 and I think another fee. I ended up getting a foam overlay instead thinking that would soften or ease up the tension.
I do like the thickness of the mattress very regal look. The padding overlay is beautiful. I just wanted to advise whomever is deciding if you like just a little cushion the luxury firm is extra firm.

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Published Oct 15, 2014

by Shelly S


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Awesome product and customer service

We bought this mattress a 15 months ago and loved the mattress. The comfort level is fabulous. In the last couple of months we noticed a creaking noise when getting out of the bed. After checking it out to be sure it was the actual mattress and not the bed or box spring, I called Saatva and received the most wonderful customer service EVER!!!! I had recorded what the sound was like, but after just describing it to them, Customer Service Rep Brent, said he would be sending us a replacement mattress. It was as easy as that. Now that is what I call top of the line customer service. I have recommended this mattress to many people and will continued to do so. I now can add how great their service is when I brag up their produce. Way to go Saatva!!!

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