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With our Saatva mattress, we love delivering happiness! Why are there so many positive reviews for Saatva unlike every other source in our industry? Positive reviews are our reward for delivering honest value and ultra-luxury quality with our American handcrafted Saatva mattress. We will always act swiftly, courteously and efficiently to correct any human error. We will always treat you as a best friend.

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Saatva is the best-reviewed mattress

We are so proud to announce that Saatva was the best reviewed mattress brand with an average rating of 9.7/10 on over 30,000 reviews.

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Published May 20, 2015

by Alicia Grant


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Couldn't be more happy!!!

I’ve waited a year and a half to write a review of our mattress because I really, really wanted to be sure we were happy with our purchase, and there’s no doubt in our minds, we definitely made the right decision by purchasing a Saatva mattress.

Previously, we slept on the same mattress for over 15 years! It certainly held up but we were way overdue for a new one. We went to the department store and looked at mattresses and talked to the sales people on several different occasions. We were strongly considering the Simmons Beauty Rest Black mattress. My husband really wanted a firm mattress, and I wanted a softer mattress for comfort. We both liked the comfort of the Beauty Rest Black but I didn’t like the idea of the chemicals we’d be exposed to and neither of us were happy with department store prices. However, my husband was still ready to buy. My gut was telling me no and I kept telling my husband about my concerns about the off gassing the commercial mattresses produce but he wasn’t convinced. So, I called Simmons mattress company and talked to one of their mattress experts who told me she couldn’t disclose the toxins released by their mattresses but if I had a sensitivity to a specific chemical, I could ask if it was in the mattress and they would confirm or deny its presence. After this phone call, my husband finally understood my concerns, but now what? We needed a new mattress, bad!

I started looking online. Most organic mattresses were even more expensive than the department store mattresses. We had even seen some natural mattresses at an earth friendly expo but the mattresses were lumpy, hard and uncomfortable. Thank goodness I saw an ad online for Saatva while reading articles on organic mattresses!

We were very, very skeptical of buying a mattress online, sight unseen. So much so, I called Saatva on three different occasions with a list full of questions and concerns each time. Their customer service reps always answered my questions and made me feel confident each time I called. After hemming and hawing over which mattress to select, Luxury Firm or Firm, with our fingers crossed, we finally made the purchase.

The truck arrived when scheduled. They brought the mattress in the house and placed it against the wall where my husband requested it be placed. We both looked at it with concern, still so unsure.

This was our first king sized mattress, upgraded from a queen. We bought a whole new bed frame and after putting it together we put the mattress down on the bed. We sat on it, then lied down on it, still wondering.

Well, it’s been over a year and a half and we still comment how much we love going to sleep on our Luxury Firm Saatva mattress. It’s perfect for my husband who wanted a firm mattress and it is perfect for me wanting one that wasn’t all that firm for more comfort. After that first night of better sleep than we’d had in a long time, in luxury comfort, we were convinced we’d made the right decision. We even did a little dance about how much money we saved buying from Saatva! You can’t beat the quality and the price. We’ve been completely satisfied ever since.

There was never any smell or odor from the mattress. It is incredibly well made and holding up beautifully. We decided to buy a waterproof, dust mite proof encasement to protect our investment. I have recommended this company to family and friends and would definitely buy from them again in the future.

The positive reviews are no joke. This mattress company is legit!

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Published Aug 11, 2014

by Linda


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Amazing !!!

I researched mattresses in the stores for a year. It was the most awful experience I ever encountered. Once I felt like I had make a good choice I would go online and goggle the reviews on the mattress and they were always bad. No matter which brand the persons who purchased the mattress were disappointed. I had given up and was sleeping on my couch because my Sealy was so terrible I felt like I was sleeping in a pothole. I finally started researching online and came upon the Saatva website. I reviewed the site and read the reviews. I thought the reviews were to good and felt they were fake but I figured what the heck. The return policy was good. I ordered the queen Luxury firm 11.5 inch, 4 inch foundation and the frame which is about 7 inches. My bed measures 22" in height. I was going for the more low profile modern look. I was very afraid this bed would be to low but it is not and especially for the style I was looking for. I did not want a thick heavy mattress.

It took all 18 days for the delivery. The company that Saatva used to deliver never made contact with me and I think they had my mattress well over a week. When they finally delivered, they forgot my frame but delivered it the next day. This is not Saatva's fault but the delivery companies fault as Saavta has to rely on various delivery companies since they do not have their own store in Texas.

I suffer terrible back pain and because it had been a year since I had a good nights sleep I was only logging 4 hours of sleep each night. The first night I slept on my Saatva bed my back pain was reduced dramatically. Before I would wake up feeling as if my back was broke. Now I wake up with little to no back pain. I also sleep like a log. I have trouble getting up because I do not want to leave my mattress. If you are checking out this site, trust the reviews. I didn't and just bought the mattress with nothing to lose. My gamble paid off. I will only buy Saatva as my mattress.

I wanted to wait the full 45 days before logging a review but I have only been sleeping on this bed for a week and it is awesome.

The luxury firm is not to soft and not hard like a rock. It is just right. LOVE THIS BED !!

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Published Apr 10, 2013

by Sylvia


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Best Mattress Company PERIOD

I purchased a Saatva mattress recently and received my bed. Unfortunately I had to return it because one of the coils broke loose. I don't know how this happened but it did. I had the bed for about 5 months. I purchased the super firm mattress. I really was worried about what was going to happen next. I just wanted my bed I didn't want to have to haggle with the company. I could not have been more pleased. I contacted the company and they asked no questions, they immediately sent me another mattress and picked up the old one. This mattress is WONDERFUL. It's firm but plush and oh so comfortable. But was more impressive to me was the wonderful customer service I received from everyone who worked there from the person answering the phone to the VP. This company is the GOLD STANDARD when it comes to customer service. They stand by their product and will make you happy. Do not buy from anyone else. This company is second to NONE!

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Published Aug 9, 2016

by Simon Hawke


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doing customer service right

We ordered our Saatva mattress on the strength of the reviews online, which we found impressive, even though it feels a bit like jumping off a cliff into water of an unknown depth when you purchase a mattress you cannot actually try out. However, the last mattress we purchased from a large national chain store we WERE able to try out and it wound up making my back problems even worse. Everything about the online purchase from Saatva went smoothly with one "hiccup," which involved the delivery. (The company was not directly affiliated with Saatva, who contracted with them for the delivery.) We loved the mattress; it was beautifully made and the quality was just first rate. After the first night, I woke up with no back pain for the first time in years. But the problem with the delivery did strike a sour note when the company was a bit aggressive in asking for a tip upfront, in a phone call, before the delivery was even made. (And they were late, too.) We thought Saatva, who we understood were actually blameless in the matter, should know about that and so sent them an email to inform them. Reuben, from Saatva, one of the general managers, responded to my email with a phone call WITHIN MINUTES (seriously, less than 5 minutes after I sent the email), and even though it wasn't Saatva's fault, said that sort of thing was not what his company aimed for in customer service, that they wanted a "seamless experience" for the customer, and as a result, they would credit us back for the delivery and reprimand the delivery company, which was not what we expected at all, and that if we had any concerns at all at any point, to please give him a call on his direct line. Bottom line: they make a hell of a fine mattress, AND they REALLY care about customer service, something you don't find often these days. This goes a long way towards explaining why there are so many positive reviews about this company. Add ours to the list.

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Published Mar 9, 2016

by Cathleen Napoli


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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I did my homework-Saatva gets an A+

My husband and I intensively research every major family purchase. Cars, insurance, appliances etc. We create spreadsheets with key attributes. We are willing to pay more if the quality justifies the spend. Imagine our consternation when we decided it was time to replace our 16 year old coil spring mattress. Nowadays there is memory foam, latex and a host of confusing options. In addition, the mainstream mattress industry makes the process of comparing mattresses nearly impossible with obscure naming conventions and deliberately confusing spec sheets. I spent hours searching the internet, visited three major retailers and read countless reviews. Below I will share the results of our research and I hope it benefits others that are in the same position we were last year. Firstly, our old mattress was a pain. Literally. We were waking up multiple times nightly-tossing and turning due to pressure pain in hips,shoulders etc. I am 5'6" 145lbs and my husband is 6'3 an d 250lbs. Our 16 year old mattress was way too firm for me from the start so I tried to compensate with a featherbed, foam topper and any other gimmick that I thought would help. Needless to say, I vowed that the next mattress would be perfect-I was not spending another 16 years with a less than satisfactory mattress. We decided we would go first class-a top of the line mattress like the ones we so enjoyed in luxury hotels. We opted to visit three well known national retailers with good return policies to lie on their best "hotel-style" luxury mattresses. We visited three well known national brick and mortar stores. We selected a hybrid mattress because my husband disliked the pure memory foam mattresses as he "sank" into them and felt they lacked support. In addition, all of the national "hotel" mattresses (yes I researched what all the major luxury hotels used) were hybrid. I spent hours translating each of the spec sheets into a somewhat comparable spreadsheet ( I counted every coil and every inch of foam/gel material to create the comparisons) and included delivery fees as well as return policies and BBB ratings into my pricing and company overview. (You'd be surprised at the differences in delivery fees-seems like a bit of a shell game). I ruled out one mattress firm because the mattresses were made in China. Not only was I worried about the quality of the memory foam but my husband is a former Marine and we prefer buying USA made products. Concerning online reviews, higher price and lack of a true "luxury" hybrid model ruled out another large chain store. It appeared that we were going to purchase the BeautyRest Black (Evie-luxury firm) from company #3 as our dream mattress and spend nearly $3,200 total including tax. But wait...my online research had turned up a company called Saatva. All of the specs of the Saatva luxury firm mattress were right in line with our "final" choice. Saatva had amazing online reviews-both on and off their website. And the best part...the total Saatva price was 56% cheaper than the competition. My husband and I were hesitant to buy a mattress on the internet. Buying a mattress online went against all of our best practices of making major purchases from a brick and mortar store... where you could march over and speak to a human if you were unhappy. I must have called and web chatted and emailed Saatva 10 times with questions and concerns. Each time a Saatva rep responded politely and promptly. I was so worried about making another mattress mistake that I admit I became somewhat obsessive- but, hey, it is a third of your life! Had the savings been minimal, I might not have gone with Saatva but a 56% savings over a brick and mortar store and the amazing return policy made it easy to take the "risk". One of the Saatva reps even said that if the king-sized luxury firm model was perfect for my husband but I wanted something more plush that I could use the return policy guidelines to exchange the king for two twin extra longs (one plush, one luxury firm) to place on the king foundation-a suggestion none of the other companies had even offered. Ultimately, we purchased the king, luxury firm but kept his suggestion in mind just in case. I have had my king luxury firm mattress for one month now-I opted to wait to provide my review so I was sure to provide an informed opinion. We both LOVE this mattress. My husband used to wake 3-5 times per night. Now he sleeps straight through. My hip, shoulder and arm pain is gone. No tossing and turning. With the large discrepancy in our sizes you would think that one of us would be less than happy-not the case. This really is the Goldilocks bed. I hope that this review helps others as they research this important purchase. We could not have been happier with the service, delivery, quality,value and comfort of our Saatva mattress. I am a customer for life now .

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Published Feb 26, 2017

by Shirley Forber


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Best Decision Ever!

Without a doubt, this has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! After reading 117 pages of reviews on Saatva’s website, I decided to take the chance like so many other reviewers have done, and order a mattress online, sight unseen, and untried. How can you really judge a mattress by lying on it for maybe 5 or 10 minutes while the salesperson is watching you? This is such a major purchase, and one that you spend a third of your life on, so what IS the best course to take? I think that listening (or reading) to what others have to say in their experiences, and what they have done helps immensely! Plus the fact that you are given 120 day free trial period, and can return for a full refund, less $99 delivery charge, makes it less of a risk.
Saatva DOES place the customer first, from ordering clear through delivery and set up. I ordered two queen size mattresses (the 14.5 in. luxury firm) along with the box springs (8 in) on Jan. 11, of this year (2017), received them on Jan. 23 (that’s only 12 days from manufacture to delivery!). Their representative called the next day after ordering to confirm that the order was correct along with the sizes. The delivery went off without a hitch, although I had read some reviewers did have problems with delivery. The three men who brought ours in were very professional and efficient. Set up was over and done, and they were out of here in about 30 minutes taking the old mattresses and springs with them. The delivery company (for us) is out of Orlando, FL, so getting the mattresses here to Melbourne, FL, was not a very long drive.
Sleeping on these has truly been better for our aging backs ( I am 73, my husband is 77). I don’t feel as stiff in the morning as I had while sleeping on my Sleep Number Bed. That bed was 11 years old, bought back in 2005, and I had bought two of them at that time. My husband didn’t like his from day one, and opted to put it in the guest room while he slept on that Simmons Beauty Rest ever since. He didn’t really like it either because it wasn’t firm enough, so he put a sheet of plywood in between the mattress and box springs which helped a little bit. He says with this new Saatva, he is no longer lying in a “hole”, which I guess is a good thing. LOL
A couple of perks that nobody else mentioned in their reviews, but seems like worth mentioning since it’s a help to me are—the height of the mattresses and box springs (31 inches from the floor) makes it easier for me to make the beds in the morning. No bending over low beds with my back groaning the whole time, and also, the high level gives me a great place to fold clean laundry without back pain. The height has never really been a problem since we are both tall (5’8” and 5’9”). For short people, I would suggest ordering the slimmer models, or use a small step stool if you really want to be up that high. LOL
Our daughter and her husband are planning on coming for a visit over Thanksgiving this year, and I fully intend to replace that 11 year old Sleep Number Bed in the guest room before that time with another Saatva queen size luxury firm mattress. Why shouldn’t my guests be as comfortable as I am?
My main hope is that Saatva continues their superb service and commitment to customer satisfaction along with their excellent US made environmentally-friendly product. All companies could take a lesson from them!

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Published Feb 4, 2016

by Nick Cicero


Verified Customer
Plush Soft

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Received the Plush Soft mattress a few days ago and it is absolutely amazing. First time in years I have woken up without pain in my lower back. I don't normally write reviews but since I was skeptical about buying a mattress online as well as all the positive reviews, I wanted to write my experience. First, delivery was very well done (I mention this because it seemed to be a common complaint in the reviews). They gave me a 4 hour time window and showed up on time. Very professional, fast and courteous. Second the mattress itself. I got the plush soft, and the best way to descried it is soft, yet very supportive. We were on the fence between the luxury firm and soft, ended up buying the soft because we prefer a little too soft opposed to a little too firm. The best advice I can give is that if you are on the fence, but scared off that it will be too soft, it isn't. The mattress is still extremely supportive while the top is a bit plush. Also, zero off-gassing which shocked me. Lastly, all the reviews are legit. Outside the first e-mail immediately after I placed the order, I have not been asked or contacted once in reference to writing a review. The price, quality of product and overall service throughout the process was so outstanding, I felt the need to comment. Bottom line, if you are debating whether or not to buy mattress online, Saatva definitely worth it!

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Published Mar 6, 2017

by Theresa


Verified Customer
Plush Soft

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The Best Sleep in a Long Time

My husband and I have had a number of mattress in our almost 35 years of marriage. We had a pillow top early on and replaced it with a mattress that you could "adjust" with a remote after I had been in a couple of MVA. That mattress did not work for either of us and we suffered with it for a long time. Then we tried the multi-layer foam mattress...you know the "memory foam".... still no relief in my back or hips and now my shoulder and neck, thanks to the memory foam!
So the search continued... one day my amazing husband was searching through google and found Saatva. .... soft, pillowtop, coils, etc. After reading the reviews and completing an on-line test regarding the best mattress for our "issues".... it was recommended we sleep on a pillow top.
So we decided to take the leap with Saatva and are we ever glad we did.
First, I have to say when it arrived there were a couple of cosmetic issues so I called customer service and Bruce said, no problem we'll have another one made for you, just sleep on this one until it arrives. I asked if he wanted pictures and he said no, I trust you. WOW Talk about customer service!
Okay, so now the test.... it arrived on a Friday so we got to sleep in the next day which we haven't been able to do because we could not spend more than 6 hours a night in our "foam" bed (I'll get to that later in the review). We slept close to 10 hours that night and when we woke in the morning we did not have any aches or pains... it was amazing... we didn't want to get out of bed. My husband's first question to me was "did you sleep?" and I said "I don't remember waking up even once last night".
During the next few weeks while we waited for our replacement bed we were apprehensive that the next one might not be as comfortable... however, we are happy to report that it is. We love our bed and look forward to going to bed every evening.
FOR WOMEN ONLY: If you are experiencing the wonderful symptoms of night sweats or hot flashes and have a foam mattress... get the Saatva pillow top mattress! You will not regret it. I was lucky if I could get 3 hours of sleep a night because I kept "overheating" ... well, guess what... it was the mattress I had. With our Saatva pillow top I sleep through the night ... no waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I am in a sauna. As a side note, the coils are a definite plus ;-)
Sincerely, Two very happy Saatva sleepers!

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