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With our Saatva mattress, we love delivering happiness! Why are there so many positive reviews for Saatva unlike every other source in our industry? Positive reviews are our reward for delivering honest value and ultra-luxury quality with our American handcrafted Saatva mattress. We will always act swiftly, courteously and efficiently to correct any human error. We will always treat you as a best friend.

- Ed Brians, EVP

Saatva is the best-reviewed mattress

We are so proud to announce that Saatva was the best reviewed mattress brand with an average rating of 9.7/10 on over 30,000 reviews.

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Published Oct 10, 2018

by Karen


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Excellent Customer Service

After reading so many wonderful reviews, I decided to order the Luxury Firm. I wanted to fall in love with it just like so many others had; however, I just wasn't sleeping well. I found it harder than I expected. I probably should have ordered the Luxury Plush. Customer service was outstanding. They even sent me a topper and extended the trial period. Although this didn't work out for me, I have never worked with such an honest and reputable company.

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Published Dec 22, 2018

by Ana Diaz


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Luxury firm vs firm

I purchased a luxury firm mattress 30 days ago..very comfortable
Judt had knee replacement and also bulging discs my orthopedic recommended ds firm mattress..wondering if I should change my mattress not sure since this one is so co.fortable..but my surgeon believes in more support ..guess I have to make this decision
However I'm sure either way this product is super top notch ..I'm saying this as an RN of 40 years highly recommend this mattress
Ana d

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Published Nov 5, 2014

by Barbara L.


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Dreams do come true

I had been on a week vacation visiting family. I slept on good mattresses every where I went. When I got back and spent the first night on my own mattress I woke up feeling terrible!! All the aches and pains were back. That is when I realized that I never once woke up with pain while I was gone. I told my husband that we needed to get a new mattress asap. I decided to do a search for a good mattress but something we could get without breaking the bank. I came across your web site and spent a long time reading everything about the company, I read the FAQ's, and watched videos and of course read all the reviews. I immediately ordered the Luxury firm queen size 11 inch one along with the new box spring. It arrived within the 18 days as promised and we slept in it last night for the first time. I was so thrilled when I woke up practically pain free. There was no tossing and turning all night like I had experienced with our old mattress. My husband never woke up once...that was a miracle in itself. Thank you Saavta for making a wonderful "sleep" mattress that is everything you promised. Can't wait to go back tonight and enjoy another good night sleep.

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Published Oct 31, 2014

by BettyD.


Verified Customer
Plush Soft

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I am a procrastinator important and unimportant things that's me, all my life, late for my wedding, late arriving to the hospital to give birth to my daughters, late for job interviews, late, late! Well, after two years of studying the Saatva reviews and other well known TV ad mattress reviews including researching other mattress companies, educating myself on how coils and mattresses are made I decided to reward myself and decided that Saatva would be the chosen one. I am 60 years young, employed full time with a stressful government job and on top of that have suffered with scoliosis (curve-age of the spine) since it was detected when I was 27 years old. Don't expect your order in the next three days, that is not how it works however that is the only con. The delivery guys were excellent, they called first, took their time, both pieces were completely thick plastic wrapped and took their time making sure to all plastic and paper was removed from the floor when they left. I had some trepidation the first night as I prepared getting ready for bed-time. I somehow was trying to convince myself that I should not panic and to not worry if this mattress change was going to do more harm than good. You see I went from a 9 year old extra firm mattress to now a plush Saatva. I was preparing myself that if this plush mattress didn't work out well then just exchange it, simple as that. Keep calm I was telling myself as I dozed off. I finally reached the point of what I call serious sleep, and so serious that I woke up the next morning thinking I had only slept a short time and here comes the tossing and turning. I looked at my alarm clock and that is when I realized I had awaken only 15 minutes before my regular daily alarm of 6:30 AM. I started thinking OH MY GOODNESS, HOW DID I SLEEP 7 HOURS straight? I cannot recall the last time in the past ten years that I have ever slept that sound and waking up not feeling like I had slept on a table top! How did that happen? I could not also believe it that I was able to sit on the side of my bed reaching for my slippers with no back pain, no neck pain, I was able to walk downstairs without taking one step ahead of time as I would usually do because the pain would be a locking type of pain in my back and in my hips. If I didn't think my cat would run and hide if he saw me skipping to the kitchen I started to skip to the kitchen to start my coffee going. I can't wait for the winter months and rainy days on the week ends so I will have a good reason now to "stay in bed, get some rest" and catch up with my Kindle best sellers. I hope someone else can benefit from my review who suffers with back aches, knee arthritis aches, neck pain and primarily lack of a good night's rest. I don't know how Saatva does it but all I can say is thank you Saatva and kudos goes to Paul the customer service department rep who contacted me by cell and email to let me know immediately the status of my order. I have been so busy telling my co-workers, friends, daughters and anyone else that immediately says to me that I look rested or that I have a glowing facial skin or even better yet tells me that I appear happy well that is when I open up about Saatva. As one friend told me that it sounds and it looks as if Saatva is better than Botox! I could only smile and say I think you are right, but Saatva will last longer! I am so glad I spent my hard earned money on Saatva. Thanks Saatva!

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Published Sep 24, 2015

by Calvin Luther Martin, PhD


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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When’s the last time you quarreled with a company for being too generous to you?

"Would you buy a mattress and foundation (box spring) online? Sight unseen? You can't lie on it, squeeze it, smell it for 'off-gassing' problems before buying. And what if the mattress company is relatively new -- not a time-honored mattress manufacturer?" Aren't these the questions we all ask ourselves?

So what do we do? We all begin reading the reviews. Turns out that for this particular company -- Saatva -- there are what appear to be hundreds of reviews. You read them and you get uneasy. "Nearly every review is superlative, almost extravagant in its praise for the company and its product! What's going on here? Are these fake reviews?"

I'm an ornery old man. A retired university professor. I really don't like being flimflammed. I'm just like you, dear reader, in this regard.

I read the reviews. I noticed that the great majority were written before the mattress arrived. They were written only on the basis of Saatva's efficient and extraordinarily polite way of handling sales -- before delivery of the product. This set off alarms in me. However, I did find a number of reviews that were "after the fact" -- after the fact of the mattress having been delivered. They, too, were very positive. This encouraged me.

Being research-oriented, I then Googled "Saatva mattress" to find any websites that might have sprung up, bashing them. (Check out Stearns & Foster, for instance. They are hammered in offsite reviews!) Nope, no "bashing" sites for Saatva. This encouraged me.

I then found a video done by a young man reviewing his Saatva experience, including his new mattress & foundation. I watched the video several times. (Click here: http://www.sleepinglikealog.com/mattress-reviews/saatva-luxury-firm-mattress-review/.) I found him convincing.

I then checked out a local furniture store, and looked at several Stearns & Fosters and Sealys and so forth. I wasn't impressed, either by the mattresses or salespeople. Their mattresses were very costly.

In a leap of faith, I bought a Saatva online. (I was encouraged by their generous return offer, though the thought of returning this large, ungainly object -- repacking it and I presume paying for shipping -- was daunting. I tried not to think about it.)

It arrived yesterday. It arrived in perfect condition. There was absolutely no off-gassing (formaldehyde odor) when I opened the sturdy plastic bag encasing the mattress. I set up the bed -- foundation & mattress -- lay down to test it, and woke up 45 minutes later. Refreshed. Relaxed.

The young man who reviewed the Saatva in the video mentioned, above? He's absolutely right: This mattress is high quality. The tufting. The materials used. The comfort. The evenness of support. The cording around the edges. Excellent!

Back to the hundreds of over-the-top reviews. Unlike 99% of those reviewers, I had the opportunity to experience a screw-up in the process of my mattress being delivered -- that is, the first mattress that was delivered. The mattress that arrived yesterday, in perfect condition, was my second Saatva.

Here's what happened. The company that delivers for Saatva in my area -- let me simply say I wound up rejecting the mattress. The problem wasn't Saatva, it was the delivery company. Of course, I called Saatva to let them know I had rejected the mattress, and I gave them an earful about the delivery company.

This is where things became interesting. "Is this company going to live up to the praise of those hundreds of adoring reviewers," I wondered?

Know what? It did! Saatva busted the chops of the delivery company, guaranteed me a new and different delivery crew (same company), gave me a full refund for the mattress and foundation (even though I kept the foundation from the first delivery: They gave it to me for free!), fast-tracked the manufacture of a brand new mattress, fast-tracked the delivery, called and emailed me repeatedly to let me know what was happening at each step of the way, packaged the mattress in a special cardboard box (to thwart any attempts by the delivery company to screw up, again), asked me to give them a full report on the delivery experience, and then insisted I allow them to give me a discount. Whew!

The only quarrel I had with Saatva is that, after the second, successful delivery, I refused to accept the foundation for free; I insisted on paying for it. And I refused a discount on the mattress. They insisted! I refused! We went back and forth. Finally, I won -- sort of. "Okay, doc," agreed the Saatva manager, "if you're not going to let us discount the mattress and give you the foundation for free, then we're going to waive the delivery fee." I knew I wasn't going to win that one, so I relented, though I grumbled. (Oh, I forgot to mention. When Saatva sent the new mattress, they refused to charge my credit card. Not a dime! "Doc, we're sending the new mattress without charging your card. In fact, we no longer have your card. You call us after it's delivered and after you have decided you like it -- or don't like it -- and if you like it, only then will we charge you for it. Call and give us your credit card. If you don't like it, we will take it back, at no expense to you."

I emailed Saatva shortly after the delivery, told them it went splendidly, that the mattress was flawless, and that I had already slept on it and was in love with it. Only then did they take my credit card information -- and that's when we quarreled over whether I would let them discount the mattress, etc.

Let me put it this way: When's the last time you quarreled with a company over them being too generous with you?

No, they didn't pay me to write this review. No, they didn't ask me to write this review. And if you're still worried about them, contact me at 19clay@gmail.com. (Should I say that I got the weird feeling that, had the delivery company not shaped up, Saavta would have personally driven my mattress to my front door and installed it on my bed frame -- and refused to take a dime? Yeah, I was afraid they were going to do this!)

Calvin Luther Martin, PhD

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Published Jun 22, 2016

by Zach


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Great mattress, equally great customer service

First off, I love this bed. I had been having trouble sleeping through the night on previous mattresses. I had made many modifications which helped but nothing fully worked. Every night I sleep like a baby on this mattress. I could not recommend it more. As for the customer service, they handled my shipping problems like true professionals. It wasn't the smoothest process receiving my mattress, but based on previous reviews I feel like I was an anomaly. I was able to immediately talk to someone on the phone and after the issue was relayed I was contacted by the director for a personal apology. This is a genuine company that cares about its product and delivers on the guarantees and previous reviews. If you are looking for a mattress, I encourage you to try Saatva. You will not be disappointed.

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Published Apr 2, 2012

by Carolyn W.


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Brilliant company, brilliant product

Having slept quite comfortably for 12 years on our old mattress, a slowly growing concavity on my husband’s side of the bed led us to our recent search for a replacement.
After a few months of exercising due diligence with traditional brick and mortar mattress stores (and all the childish monetary and return policy nonsense that goes with that), we discovered Saatva…and our new friend (and business idol!), CEO Ron Rudzin.
Business owners ourselves, we were more than impressed with Ron’s (and the company’s) commitment to customer satisfaction and his devotion to Saatva and its wonderful products. Ron listened to our mattress needs (repeatedly, I must add, by phone and email!), gave sound advice and delivered a phenomenal product at an extremely reasonable price. Our new mattress not only feels good, it looks good! I have never owned a mattress that looks as lovely with the sheets off as it does on! A flawless purchasing process was followed by another flawless delivery and set-up process.
As a physical therapist, I am regularly in the position to recommend mattresses to my patients and friends…Saatva now tops my list, and will be awarded only the highest accolades.
Thank you Ron and the Saatva team for showing us how an online business should be run…and for 100% delivering on your product!

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Published Nov 3, 2014

by Boutaina R.


Verified Customer
Luxury Firm

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Pain free at last!!! How do they do it?

In 2002 I had surgery on my neck ( fusion of the C5 & C6 ) but my neck pain never went away for 10 years. In 2012 I had a car accident and my neck pain got even worse, if there is such a think.
I had to have a second surgery in 2013 and the doctor realized that my first surgery didn't take and now he has to fuse 3 vertebrae ( C5, C6 and C7 )
It was a 6 hours surgery and I had to take a whole year off to heal.
It was very painful for me to stop my work ( I work with kids with special need )
I am very passionate about my work and my chronic pain started to get in the way of it.
I am a feldenkrais and masgutova method practitioner and every morning I had to work on my neck for at least 20 min in bed before getting up.
Last week I moved to New York and I decided to purchase a new mattress so I went on line to read review about brands and saatva appealed more to me.
Ok here is the review:
I woke up pain free after the first night!!!
It's a miracle, I don't know how they do it but I am really grateful to have found saatva, it's worth every Pennie
I rarely write reviews but this time I felt the responsibility to do so and perhaps avoid unnecessary pain to someone.

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