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American made

Saatva is proud to locally source materials and continue enriching the American economy.



Our American handcrafted mattresses have the best specifications offered by any company at the lowest price. Today, we have 17 American independent factories building our proprietary product and 154 fulfillment centers delivering. On average our mattresses travel less than 100 miles from our American factories to the customer's home.

Because we save on storefront costs incurred such as rent, commissions, utility costs and so much more, we are able to put that saving into materials and manufacturing. When you buy the Saatva mattress you get the highest quality product and enrich our economy.

God Bless America!

Here are the facts...

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    Sourcing from the best is a business practice we and our suppliers stand behind.

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    Saatva mattresses are made in America.

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    Ultra-premium luxury mattresses require detailed work by hand, and our American craftsman do it as well as anyone in the world!

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    We are responsible for the movement of thousands of trucks weekly throughout every part of the country.

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    We are approached many times a year by foreign mattress manufactures to build Saatva products overseas. They guarantee the cost will be significantly less, and our profits will be much higher. We always say no!

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    We cannot account for every nut, bolt and steel component used in each of the 17 American factories manufacturing our proprietary product. We are proud to say that we source 100% of all of our eco-friendly foams in the United States. Over 85% of our other components are also sourced in the United States.

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    All of our American eco-friendly foams are stable before they are shipped to our factories. Many foams from overseas are not stable, are not subject to strict if any regulations, and are just shrink wrapped and shipped, even if moist. Our eco-friendly foams travel less and are odorless.

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    The Lineal™ Adjustable Base by Saatva is designed, engineered, and assembled in the US.

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    We follow all United States e-commerce tax laws.