Why You Should Buy a Mattress Online


A few years ago, there was really only one way to buy a mattress. You wander into a big box store or mattress retail chain, test out a few different models, and purchase your favorite. That’s it. But with the advent of the internet and rise of ecommerce, a simpler, better way to purchase your favorite sleep surface came forward and began to disrupt the industry (and with good reason). Buying a mattress online saves you time, energy, and money.

Popular sleep product researcher Sleep Like The Dead (SLTD) recently set out to find the truth  — are people happier with their purchases after buying online, or in store? After all, one of the most popular reasons people forego buying a mattress online is because they don’t get to test the product out first. How will I know what it feels like? I don’t know what I’m buying. The concern is understandable. 

So what’s the truth?

In their study, SLTD surveyed over 22,400 people and found that there was actually no significant difference in customer happiness. People who bought their mattresses in store (and tested them out) were no happier with their purchase than those who bought online.

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Chart via Sleep Like The Dead.



What you think you buy isn’t always what you get

“A person may receive a mattress that feels markedly different (worse) to them than the same one they tried in a store. This is due to the fact that mattresses — even ones of the same model and specifications — can have their own individual characteristics and “feel” to some degree due to inconsistencies in materials and manufacturing.” (SLTD)

Testing a mattress in store isn’t always a good marker for knowing what you’ll be buying. Often, the mattress that you’re trying out isn’t worn in, so you’re not getting a great depiction of what it will feel like once it’s been in your possession for a few weeks. Testers are also adjusting to multiple body types and weights, not just yours and/or your partner’s.

When you buy online, you don’t really have a premature idea of what your sleep surface will feel like, so you’re likely to be more open to the comfort level you’ve purchased. What your mattress feels like will be customized to your body type and needs, not the many that have tried it out before you.

People who buy online tend to be more informed as consumers

SLTD found that those who buy a mattress online are more informed and understand the product that they are purchasing. Why? Mattress e-retailers are more transparent about their products and policies.

Saatva wants each customer to know what they’re buying, and makes their information readily available on their website. From coil counts in our coil mattress to fabric specifications, you know exactly what you’re getting. The information is literally at your fingertips.

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Mattress comparison chart via SaatvaMattress.com.


Mattresses sold online are higher quality

The study also found that mattresses sold online are usually of higher quality than those sold in store. This makes them not only a healthier option, but a more durable one as well.

Derek Hales, Sleepopolis.com Founder, tests and reviews the best mattresses, bedding, and other sleep accessories on the market each year and agrees — mattress e-retailers simply innovate faster.

“The beauty of many online mattress companies is the speed at which they are able to innovate and bring new products and positive improvements to sleepers. The period of time to research, develop, and start shipping a new advancement is shorter in many cases, since you don’t have a complex stream of middle men and retail stores to also work with. We’ve seen this process play out a number of times over the last few years from several online mattress companies who are really starting to create some of the most high performing mattresses and sleep accessories I’ve ever tested.”

Better delivery, return, and warranty options

Mattress e-retailers have the friendliest delivery options in the industry. Unlike bed in a box companies, Saatva will never shrink wrap your sleep surface and leave it for you to deal with. Instead, we hand deliver each item and set it up for you. We also give customers the option of having their old mattress removed. 

Mattress e-retailers also understand that one size does not fit all. Unlike most mattress chains, Saatva offers a transparent and straight-forward return policy alongside our 75-day home trial. Big box stores are often clouded with hidden return and “restocking” fees, making the return process a hassle. 

You save money buying online

SLTD’s research shows that buying a mattress online is better for your bank account. Without the costs associated with operating a retail store- like sales commission, commercial rent, and utilities- e-retailers can price the mattress fairly and pass savings onto the customer.

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Price comparison chart via SaatvaMattress.com.

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