Saatva Survey Reveals Americans Do Much More in Bed than Just Sleep


New Saatva Company Survey Reveals Americans Do Much More in Bed than Just Sleep

Americans are increasingly doing more and more in their beds, but it’s not what you think. Saatva’s “Elevate Your Sleep” survey found that many people are doing many daily activities from their beds, and would like to do more.

The bed is the new couch

Do you love Netflixing in bed? You’re not alone. Saatva’s latest survey reveals that 66% of Americans regularly watch a movie or television in bed. And 60% of survey respondents reported that they’d rather watch media on their bed- not the couch. From checking email to reading a good book, more and more people (73%) are turning to the bedroom as a place to unwind from the day.

Getting comfortable is important, but difficult

Saatva’s survey also revealed that the biggest challenge of doing daily activities in bed is getting comfortable (66% reported so).  Propping a few pillows behind your back is hardly a long-term solution, so Americans are looking to adjustable bases to make their beds more comfortable for these activities, and to help them find the perfect position. The survey found that 60% are interested in a bed that helps them relax or rest in a variety of positions. Additionally, over half (55%) of those who responded to the survey have considered purchasing an adjustable base.

The Lineal Adjustable Base

With this in mind, Saatva has developed and launched the Lineal Adjustable Base, designed to glide into the best positions for sleeping and for lifestyle needs such as binge-watching the family’s favorite show.

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