Saatva Talks With House Beautiful and Forbes

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Saatva Featured in House Beautiful's Bed Buying Guide

Recently, Saatva Luxury Mattress was noted in House Beautiful’s guide to buying a bed online. Saatva was also mentioned in a Forbes article as a company

“in line to disrupt a product category that hasn’t seen much innovation over the years.”

In the Forbes article “Here’s One Product Category Ready For Its Online Closeup”, the mattress industry is recognized as a product category that is often associated with an “unpleasant and overpriced” shopping experience. Online mattress companies though, such as Saatva, are noted as providing an efficient buying experience for consumers.

Here are just a few ways that online mattress companies are disrupting the mattress industry:

  • Offering a better product – often times new technology is slow to reach retail outlets
  • Better price – by operating exclusively online, mattress companies can bypass all overhead costs
  • Easier to navigate – instead of having to go to a store, consumers can take their time and browse online
  • Better customer service – it’s easy to contact and communicate with companies via online chat, phone, email and social networks
  • Pleasant shopping experience – consumer isn’t rushed to “buy now”, instead they are encouraged to take their time
  • Provide better information – all research can be done via the companies’ website and consumers can compare and contrast different mattresses online
  • Better return policies – online companies are encouraged to provide better return policies since they operate only online
  • In-home testing – consumers don’t have to feel awkward trying out a mattress in a store…they can take advantage of the home trials that online mattress companies offer

Saatva has been disrupting the mattress industry since 2010 by providing an efficient “internet only” business model. According to their CEO Ron Rudzin, their business model has not only cut the costs of their luxury mattresses but it has also helped to eliminate all confusion associated with mattress buying.

Instead of providing a cheap product, Saatva provides an ultra-premium luxury mattress with top of the line materials and construction. In House Beautiful’s online buying guide, Saatva’s mattresses were listed among five other luxury mattresses in terms of cost and comfort.

Playing “Goldilocks”, House Beautiful tested the different models and concluded that one can get a “decent queen-size mattress online!” Saatva’s mattress were noted as “comfy for just about everyone” and their memory foam layer was distinguished as giving a “good firm/soft balance.”

Saatva plans on continuing to disrupt the mattress industry and providing top-notch customer service for the years to come. They were ranked as the best reviewed mattress brand on Google for 2013.