Slumber Sage Reviews Saatva Luxury Mattress


Slumber Sage, founded by Kenny Kline, is a relatively new mattress resource website dedicated to being “your resource for getting the great night of sleep that you deserve.” Offering mattress advice and reviews, this website helps people find the right type of mattress and become mattress experts in the process.

Saatva Review by Slumber SageKline is passionate about helping others find the best mattress and his goal for Slumber Sage is to make it “the most reliable and unbiased source of sleep knowledge on the web.” Kline has dedicated his time to learning about the best sleep practices, mattresses and other sleep products. He shares all of his sleep knowledge  through YouTube videos and different mattress informative categories on the website.

So far, there are currently seven mattress reviews on Slumber Sage and Saatva Luxury Mattress is one of them. Kline describes our Saatva luxury firm model as having the “best balance of comfort and support” and describes Saatva as “a wonderful mattress company…with a great return policy and customer service team.”


What Slumber Sage Likes about Saatva:

  • Simplicity
  • Online-Only
  • Sustainability
  • Quality Construction
  • Great Value

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