People dread going into mattress stores.


For years, all I’ve heard is how much people dread going into mattress stores. Most feel that mattress stores lure customers in with low prices and phony sales. After traveling out of your way get to the warehouse, you are subjected to the upgrade game. Make no mistake; the intention is to confuse you and move you into a higher price with a higher commission.

After hearing about so many unpleasant experiences relating to mattress buying, coupled with the efficiencies brought to modern business through technology, we launched Saatva, a luxury mattress company that operates exclusively online.

Because we aren’t burdened with all the traditional costs of owning stores, such as commercial rents, utilities, store maintenance, advertising and excessive salaries and commissions, we can offer our luxury mattress for about $1,400.00 less than you will find anywhere. We knew that if we offered a clear and transparent explanation as to why we can offer our world-class product at such an incredible price – coupled with a spec sheet for those who like to comparison shop — customers would respond — and they did!

Also, we are so confident that customers will love our mattresses we are willing to refund the entire purchase price of the bed if a client isn’t entirely thrilled with our product.

When a Saatva mattress is delivered, it is our goal to exceed the buyer’s expectations. As of today, we operate in the greater New York, Boston, and Washington areas and we expect to reach people all over the country soon.