6 Great Father’s Day Gifts for Better Sleep

Father's Day Gift Guide

There are all kinds of weekend warriors out there, and come Father’s Day, we celebrate every one. Whether he’s happiest grilling brats in the stadium parking lot, almost reeling in the biggest fish in the lake, or getting the band back together for a late-night jam session, sometimes a dad’s favorite hobbies can interfere with truly restful slumber.

So this Father’s Day, here’s what to get the favorite dads in your life to guarantee a great night’s sleep — no matter how they spend their Saturdays.

The Fisherman

Herbivore After-Sun Mist: $20
If his favorite holiday is the opening day of striper season, there’s a pretty good chance that at least occasionally, he’ll forget to apply (or reapply) sunscreen. Sunburn can make for a night of uncomfortable tossing and turning, but this all-natural spray soothes overheated skin with aloe and lavender essential oil, which is also a relaxing ingredient that can help promote a good night’s rest. (Consider combining it with Sun Bum’s handy travel-sized sunscreen kit so the only burn he’ll feel the next time he goes out is from his buddies’ ribbing.)

The Tailgate Grillmaster

Fitbit Charge 2: $119.95
His dry-rubbed, secret-sauced creations are enough to make even the opposing team’s fans a little jealous. But sometimes all those spices are harder to digest than an interception in the end zone, and heartburn can be a sneaky late-night companion that disrupts restful slumber. This easy-to-use fitness tracker does double duty. In addition to encouraging him to work off the effects of all that ‘cue, it can be programmed with alarms to remind him when it’s time to pack away the grill tools—or to take a dose of pre-bedtime heartburn medication.

The Rock Star

Father's Day Gift Guide

Lush Cosmic Bath Bomb Gift: $28.95
If he spends his Saturday nights noodling out epic jam sessions, he’s probably going to bed pumped up and a little wired — not a state of mind especially conducive to a restful night’s sleep. Lush’s all-natural, vegan bath bombs are just the ticket for some relaxing aromatherapy. This set includes a trio of fizzing orbs that deliver soothing scents like lavender, cedarwood, and chamomile and come wrapped up in vivid, groove-approved tie-dye.

The Jock

Father's Day Gift Guide

Under Armour TB12 Recovery Sleepwear Henley: $99.99
You’d never point it out, of course, but it might take him a little longer these days to bounce back after a particularly competitive pickup basketball game or a max-out session in the weight room. These high-tech PJs are soft and cozy, while the gridlike pattern on the inside helps absorb heat, making for a more restorative night’s sleep. (Matching pajama pants are also $99.99.)

The Yogi

Father's Day Gift Guide

Manduka Pro Extra-Long Yoga Mat: $136
Parenthood is all about flexibility, and at just over seven feet (85 inches), this yoga mat is long enough so even the tallest dads can keep their joints limber. The 6mm thickness is easy on the knees, and Manduka offers a lifetime guarantee,  making this a great way to show Dad you listened to his advice about appreciating the value of a dollar.

The Golfer

Brookstone Cordless Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager: $129.99
The back nine is no problem, but sometimes his lower back is. All of the twisting and swinging movements he makes over the course of 18 holes can make a lumbar backache or sore shoulders seem, well, par for the course. This rechargeable massager runs about three hours on a charge, and has knot-busting heat to make short work of any potentially sleep-disrupting aches and pains.