How Adjustable Beds Prevent Snoring


Snoring is a common issue faced by a large percentage of the population in this world. If you do it lightly or occasionally, there’s probably nothing much to worry about. If it does occur regularly and affects your sleep, there could be an underlying health problem you need to consider. Snoring can negatively affect your overall health, which will then lead to fatigue, irritability, and other issues.


Before getting into other details, let’s try to understand what happens when you snore. Snoring is a condition that occurs whenever a person is unable to move the air freely through the nose and the throat during sleep. This inability to smoothly breathe throughout the body causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate, creating a snoring sound. Unfortunately, people who have severe issues snoring are likely to have nasal and throat tissues. It’s important to consult a medical professional should you have trouble breathing during your sleep. However, there are some at-home remedies you can make to alleviate snoring.

Causes of Snoring

When it comes to snoring, there are a lot of different causes. It’s difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of your snoring, because it could be a blend of a variety of factors. It is best to seek medical advice should your snoring be extremely heavy and brings difficulty breathing. That being said, the common causes of snoring are as follows:

An unhealthy weight is the one of the biggest causes of snoring. Fatty tissues and the muscles with poor tone will accelerate the number of times you snore in a night. Combat this by engaging in proper workout activities to allow for more even breathing and a healthier lifestyle.

Another factor that contributes to snoring is age. Once a person reaches middle age and beyond, the throat becomes a bit narrower. This narrowness will then affect the proper movement of air from the nose and throat. While this isn’t something can be necessarily controlled, there are ways to bring more air through the body.

The next factor that can be considered as a cause for snoring is gender. Men tend to snore more than females because they have a narrower passage for air. This is a cause that is difficult to eliminate, but you can change up your sleeping pattern or daily routine to possibly minimize this cause.

Sinus or nasal problem:
The people who have issues like sinus or other nasal diseases may face difficulty in breathing properly that will eventually cause snoring. Check with your doctor to see if tonsil removal or other surgeries could be a valid option.

Sleeping position:
Most people tend to blow over this factor, but the way you sleep could be a cause for snoring. If you are sleeping flat on your back, it will cause the flesh of your throat to relax and eventually will block the flow of air. To avoid this issue, try changing your sleeping position by adjusting your bed or sleep set-up.

Preventing snoring with adjustable beds:

Severe snoring and sleep apnea shouldn’t be left untreated. An adjustable bed is considered the best option to solve the issue of snoring. The best part about an adjustable bed is that it allows you to sleep in the position you find most comfortable. Here are the ways to which an adjustable bed can prevent snoring:

Adjusting to the correct sleeping position:
The major cause behind snoring are issues in the nose, mouth and throat tissues. These issues cause a contraction in the tissues, which then block the passage of air. An adjustable bed allows a person to sleep in an elevated manner. This elevation could eliminate snoring, allowing for a larger, more even flow of air. Moreover, with an adjustable bed, you can easily pull up the head area of the bed to give your body a proper support. This is something extremely difficult to achieve when it comes to adjusting pillows. With a relaxed body and the right position, the snoring may subside.

Comfortably sleep on the side:
Sleeping on your back will put pressure on the tissues that are present in the lung airways, which worsens the snoring. However, if a person lays on the side, snoring can be easily reduced to the minimum level by eliminating the pressure put onto the lungs. However, a normal bed creates a string of issues when a person sleeps on a side, as it does not conform to the exact curves of the body. An adjustable bed will allow you to adjust yourself comfortably on the sides, easing the pressure being put on the body.

Even distribution of body weight:
Using pillows on a normal bed to sleep in a right position is something unreliable. Once you fall asleep, it’s difficult to maintain a balance between the pillows and your body. As a result, your neck or back will begin to hurt and eventually will get sore once awake. One way to avoid this issue is to use an adjustable bed to evenly distribute your body weight throughout the bed. Even after falling asleep, your body will remain in a position that will help you stop the snoring you are facing. This is something essential for people who suffer from sleep apnea, a medical condition in which a person wakes up from the sleep due to blocked or halted breathing.

An adjustable bed is the ultimate non-medical solution to your snoring problem. Invest in a good quality bed for you and your family to enjoy some stress-free sleep. Apart from treating snoring, the adjustable bed also has plenty of other health benefits, such as back pain.

Apart from that, an adjustable bed can also cure digestive issues of the people. As it provides support to the back with which a person will not have to lay down straight. While we cannot exactly control our snoring, being able to adjust our sleep style can make a big difference. Trust us, your partner will thank you once you do.