Adjustable Bed vs. Standard Bed: Pros, Cons, and Features to look for

Adjustable Bed

You are probably most familiar with the standard bed. Regular beds were and still are very common among households, and everyone probably has experience sleeping on one. However, some negative aspects are surrounding this kind of bed range from snoring to body soreness. An adjustable bed, on the other hand, is different. This type of bed allows you to adjust the bed to your desired level of comfort quickly.
Due to these added features, the adjustable bed does end up being a tad pricey. Regardless, you should at least try out an adjustable bed to see what you could be potentially missing out on.

Adjustable Bed Pros and Cons

There are both advantages and disadvantages to everything on sale these days, and an adjustable bed isn’t any different. This article will aim to discuss both the pros and cons, but we will also provide solid arguments as to why you should switch to the adjustable bed.


Pain relief: Individuals who use the adjustable bed report fewer cases of pain, fatigue and poor sleep. Those who suffer from chronic ailments such as arthritis, back and neck pain, osteoarthritis, spinal stenosis or degenerative spondylolisthesis have been recommended adjustable beds to relieve pain and sleep comfortably. People with insomnia, snoring issues, heart reflux, respiratory problems and restless leg syndrome (RLS) tend to require an adjustable bed to relieve these conditions and give them a good night’s rest.

More comfort than standard beds: Adjustable beds offer inclines of about 30 – 45 degrees, which are the most popular in terms of comfort and preference. Conventional beds with one incline (180 degrees) sometimes may not be comfortable, nor does it provide many options.

Convenience factor: An adjustable bed is convenient in letting you sit up or lay at any incline. With this adjustment, it makes things like watching TV, reading a book, working on your laptop, or having breakfast in bed much easier to do. Activities, such as breastfeeding, are also simple to do with an adjustable bed. The regular bed cannot offer these conveniences.

High ‘intimacy factor’: I will not go much into the details here, I will just let your imagination run wild.

Independence: An adjustable bed can have split adjustability, enabling you to move without disturbing your sleep partner. Each person has their sleeping preferences, and even partners can differ in their sleep style. By having split adjustability, both parties may rest peacefully throughout the night.

Built-in massage: This is another premium feature that is not found in a regular bed. Some adjustable beds have a built-in massage feature, bringing more comfort and relaxation options into the home.

Low maintenance and longer warranty included (about 5-10 years): Since adjustable beds are more of a luxury product, they come with better coverage and are built to last long, making it a worthy product to invest.

USB Chargers: This is dependent on each bed. Sometimes the nearest wall charger is covered up by the bed or not located within arm’s reach. Having a charging option bedside makes for more convenience and fewer extension cords.

Lumbar Support: Some models of adjustable beds have something known as lumbar support. It is a separate bar jutting out to support your lumbar region, which ideal for those suffering from lower back pain.


Incompatibility: Your current mattress may not be the best fit for an adjustable bed. If you have a spring mattress, it will not work in and adjustable bed. As you shop for a mattress, chose one that is compatible with an adjustable bed, such as a latex mattress (?).

More expensive than conventional beds: As mentioned earlier, adjustable beds are more expensive than regular beds, but it is considered a formidable investment depending on your needs. Prices for adjustable beds range from $200 to $2,500+.

Finding the perfect specifications is time-consuming: There is not a particular position that is perfect for everyone. Getting your perfect position requires many trials and test nights. All the while conventional beds do not need such, you just fall into it and sleep however you want.

Mechanical failures: A mechanical failure is present whenever motors/electronics are involved and an adjustable bed, is not short of them either.

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Things to Consider

Some important features to look for and consider when purchasing an adjustable bed should be:

Plywood deck of no less than 5/8” to ¾” thick: Make sure your bed is sturdy and can support you and your partner’s weight.
UL (Underwriters Laboratories) listed and rated: UL has strict criteria in ensuring bed motors are safe to use and durable. If a bed motor does not have a UL rating, there is a cause for concern.
Modular systems: This make it for easy replacing of mechanical parts, as the entire bed does not need to break apart in order to be fixed.
Big, backlit remote: Why big? Well, it is a matter of easy locating. Smaller remotes may tend to get lost among the pillows, bed sheets, and under the bed itself. The backlit feature is convenient since no one wants to keep switching on the lights to change the incline and most adjustments are made during the night.
Lifting capacity: You do not want a bed that crumbles under weight, so finding that bed that can lift a little bit over 600 pounds (including the mattress) is ideal.
Steel legs: Steel legs are better than aluminum legs regarding durability and strength in adjustable beds.
Battery backup: This comes in handy when you have no power or live in an area where power failures are frequent.
Quiet motor: Avoid loud motors by all means possible, your partner sleeping in will thank you later.
Compatibility with your existing bed frame: Compatibility issues are crucial. There are instances of adjustable beds being comfortable with your current bed frame, and as such there will be no need to purchase a new frame saving you some doubloons.
Customer support: This is necessary since we understand that not every adjustable bed manufacturer is right by their word. A delicate equipment like the adjustable bed should be purchased from a tested and proven manufacturer with ample customer support, especially for new adjustable bed users.