15 Ikea Hacks To Style Your Home

15 best ikea hacks for the bedroom
The 15 BEST Ikea Hacks You Have to Try

We’re big fans of Ikea for it’s endless options and budget-friendly prices. Where else can you redesign your kitchen, stock up on new linens, and binge on Swedish meatballs all in one place? Despite its huge variety, sometimes Ikea products just don’t compare to home goods from West Elm or Pottery Barn. They’re chic and blend effortlessly with our home design, but also happen to cost ten times the amount we’d spend at the Swedish retailer. Enter the Ikea hack. With minimal effort, a simple, inexpensive Ikea product can transform into a chic item that could resale for two or three times the original cost.

Below we’ve rounded up our 15 favorite hacks that transform ordinary Ikea products into drool-worthy, chic items for your home.

1. Bekvam Stool

Ikea Bekvam
Images via Ikea & DigsDigs

The Bekvam Stool from Ikea is a fan favorite for children’s rooms, storage closets, and kitchens. With a little paint and finish/stain for the wood, DigsDigs transformed the basic step stool into a functional and fashionable side table.


2. Rast Dresser

Ikea Rast Dresser
Images via hawthorneandmain

The Rast dresser is one of Ikea’s most popular bedroom items. We love how Hawthorne and Maine turned the common item into a modern, boho-chic staple.


3. Besta Cabinet

Ikea Besta Seating
Images via DigsDigs

DigsDigs altered Ikea’s Besta cabinets from a storage unit into a rustic seating area with very little effort. Sometimes all you need is inspiration.


4. Fintorp Rail

Ikea Hanging Lights
Images via One-O

This $10 Fintorp kitchen rail was repurposed by One-O into an industrial light base for the home. Stream Edison bulbs, not pots and pans, for a more industrial look.


5. Tarva Dresser

Ikea Tarva Dresser
Images via CherishedBliss

Another popular bedroom staple, the Tarva dresser can be transformed by simply adding a new wood stain, and replacing the door knobs.


6. Hamper

Ikea Hamper
Images via CleverBunny

CleverBunny did the impossible — turned an ordinary hamper from Ikea into a side table to envy. How? By looking at the object’s foundations and seeing the greater picture. Think before you throw away!


7. Skogsta Stool

Ikea SKOGSTA stool
Images via Ikea & StyleMePretty

The team at StyleMePretty noticed a trend of paint-dipped furniture popping up and decided to make their own! All you need is paint, tape, and Ikea’s $20 Skogsta stool.


8. Mongstad Mirror

Ikea Mongtad Mirror
Images via Ikea & Saavymom2mom

 Saavy Mom had the Mongstad mirror from Ikea for awhile before she decided to refurbish it into something more country-chic. It was only after a trip south that she realized she needed a little more style in her home, but on a budget.

“I was on a mission. A mission to make my house look like a million dollar rustic home without actually having to spend it.”

Another method to get the distressed look is to use a simple wood stain and sand paper.

9. Rast Dresser

Ikea Rast Side Table
Images via Ikea & Vintage Revivals

The Rast dresser is back, but this time is almost unrecognizable. The team at Vintage Revivals transformed the ordinary wooden dresser into a stand-out pink side table.


10. Method Wall Cabinet

Ikea Hyttan Wall Cabinet
Images via Ikea & ArtyHomeStudio

One of our favorite transitions of the group is of Ikea’s Method cabinet. Originally designed as a wall cabinet, Arty Home DIY-ed the item into a mid-century wall cabinet, complete with contrasting handles and legs.


11. PS Side Table

Ikea PS Side Table
Images via Ikea & KristiMurphy

Ikea’s 2012 PS Side Table got a makeover from Kristi Murphy using simple spray paint and contact paper to mimic a marble finish. The result? A side table to envy.


12. Kallax Cabinet

Ikea Kallax Shelf
Images via Ikea & SurznikCommonRoom

The Kallax cabinets are arguably one of Ikea’s most popular items. The team at Surznik Common Room amplified the already classy shelf with a little elbow grease, and legs purchased from Home Depot. A quick, and classy win.

13. Docksta table

Ikea Docksta table
Images via Ikea & Poppytalk

Contact paper is a great choice for those who want to mimc the look of an expensive finish without having to splurge. Poppytalk amplified their Docksta table from Ikea with the marble finish, creating a more modern look.


14. Malm Headboard

Ikea Malm Headboard
Images via Sugarandcloth

We always come back to this DIY project. The team at Sugar and Cloth really transformed their Malm headboard from Ikea with easy sticky wood strips to create a more rustic finish. The sticky wood adds diversity, so you can mix up your patterns how you see fit.


15. Besta Shelf



Ikea Besta Cabinet
Images via Ikea & Petiteapartment

Petite Apartment, like most of us, wanted to create a midcentury modern theme in her apartment, but didn’t have the budget to buy all new furniture. Her old Ikea Besta cabinet quickly transitioned into a midcentury masterpiece using simple contact paper and wood.


Have you hacked Ikea? Share your creations below!