Built for luxury comfort and maximum sustainability.

Handcrafted & American Made
To match the specs and materials of our queen mattress, retail stores will charge over $2,000. Our price, just $899.

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Saatva mattresses are built with a distinctive high quality feature known as 'coil on coil' construction. Our lower coil unit offers a connected hourglass shaped steel support base. Our top coil unit features a luxurious individually wrapped coil system that contours and responds perfectly to your body, eliminating most motion transfer. Each individually wrapped coil is separate to ensure that the rest of the bed will not be disturbed by the movement of surrounding coils. This construction coupled with our advanced euro pillow top, can only be found in ultra premium mattresses that cost over $2,000. (queen mattress) Our beds are made to last 10 to 15 years and will continue to perform consistently well over time. Note: All Saatva coil units are tempered three times and oven baked. Choose Your Comfort Level >

We have uniquely combined the top 5 features found in ultra premium bedding and handcrafted them into one perfect and affordable luxury mattress.

Our standard premier luxury mattress is 14 1/2". We also make a custom slim 11 1/2". The feel is the same. It's purely an aesthetic decision.


Individually Wrapped Comfort Coils

Individual wrapped coils in the top portion of the mattress are the most advanced coil system in the luxury mattress market. These coils respond and contour to every body shape.

Dual Perimeter Edge Support System

Foam encased anti-sag edge support for better durability and more sleep surface. The Saatva Mattress uses a Dual Perimeter Edge Support System. The upper comfort coils are foam encased. This is a quality that only the most durable and best mattresses have.

Lumbar Support Enhancement

Lumbar support enhancement made of high quality memory foam layer, providing additional pressure relief while helping reduce stress and tension from the lower back.

Steel Coil Base Support System

All Saatva’s luxury mattresses are built with a tempered steel support lower coil base. This creates a long lasting sustainable mattress with increased durability and is the best design to prevent sagging.

Organic Cotton Cover & Euro Pillow Top

The euro pillow top offers more wadding and cushioning materials than what is found in most regular pillow tops. These materials are then inserted underneath the outer covering for a neater and cleaner look. Regular pillow tops that are sewn to the top of a bed, tend to shift and lose shape.
Think about it....... 1) Each week mattress stores have to create some sort of phony sale to drive you into their store. When you get there, the trap begins. Regardless of how enticing their ad is, they do not want to sell you their "advertised promotional special", nor would you want it, as it's usually of low quality.

2) Their store layout is geared towards stepping you up into more expensive product. It becomes very hard to stay within your budget as they pitch you on the benefits you'll receive from an ultra premium bed as compared to a cheap bed.

3) Now that they've got you out of your budget, they also make it impossible for you to comparison shop. The major manufacturing brands and the retailers connive to create an illusion their product is exclusive to just them. Often, the only difference between mattresses from the same brand at different stores is either the label, or the covering. This is how they keep their prices inflated.

4) Try returning something at a mattress store, and you'll be in for the hassle of your life. Their feeling is, that you came to the store, you tested it and it's absolutely your fault if you don't like what you bought. Even though most people only tested the mattress for less then 2 minutes, that's enough for them to charge you "excessive" fees to return it.

5) You can buy online and save well over $1000 on your luxury mattress with a friendlier return policy.