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Green Mattress Comparison

Doing Our Part!

Saatva is one of the few Luxury mattress companies to take on a Green Initiative. We believe that doing so is not only important to our customers but also to ourselves, our children and the many generations to come.
Objective Measures of Comparison with other mattress brands
BRANDSaatvaStearns & FosterKluft/AireloomSerta iSeriesStearns & FosterSimmons BR
MATTRESS NAMESaatvaDelana Luxury FirmLorimerVindicationJacalynBrooklyn
RETAILERSaatvaMacy'sBloomingdalesSleepy'sMattress FirmSit-n-Sleep
MATTRESS STYLEEuro Pillow TopEuro TopEuro TopPlush TopPillow TopPillow Top
MATTRESS HEIGHT14.5"14.5"14.5"14"14"14"
QUEEN COIL COUNT884+416n/a830924651x2=1302850
COIL TYPEIndividually Wrapped & BonnellIndividually WrappedIndividually WrappedIndividually WrappedIntellicoilIndividually Wrapped
COIL GAUGE14.5g/13g15g15g14g15g14g
CONSTRUCTIONCoil on CoilCoil in CoilSingle CoilCoil in CoilCoil in CoilSingle
EDGE SUPPORTFoam Encased2.5" Foam EncasedFoam EncasedFoam Encased2.5" Foam Encased2" Foam Encased
TOP FABRICOrganic Circ KnitCirc. KnitCirc. KnitCirc. KnitCirc. KnitCirc. Knit
BORDER FABRICOrganic DamaskCirc. KnitCirc. KnitCirc. KnitCirc. KnitCirc. Knit
MEMORY FOAMY Y (1")Y (1")Y (1") Y (1")Y (1" MF + 1" GMF)
LATEX FOAMN1.5" (Smart Latex)NN (2" Gel Infused)NN
COMFORT FOAMY4"4.5"3"4"3"
WARRANTY15YR + Fairness Replacement Option25YR. (15+10)20 YR. (10+10)25YR. (15+10)25YR. (15+10)25YR. (15+10)
QUEEN SET PRICE$1149$2,157 $6,499 $2,499 $2,099 $2,499
KING SET PRICE$1599$2,607 $7,999 $3,049 $2,599 $3,099
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