Naps are a Key to Learning for Babies, Study Shows

sleep study, benefits of napping for babies
Naps are key to learning for babies.

You already know naps are good for your child’s overall health but a new sleep study also proves that there’s a link between naps and learning.

In a study conducted by a team at the University of Sheffield, 216 babies(aged 6 months and 12 months) were taught 3 new tasks and tested the next day to see if they remembered any of them.

They found that if the babies took a lengthy nap soon after being taught the tasks they were able to perform at least one and a half of the tasks.

The babies that didn’t take a nap soon after learning weren’t able to recall any of the tasks the next day.

The team concluded that “infants rely on on frequent naps for the formation of long-term memories.”

Napping is a key component for babies to retain what they’ve learned and parents should make sure their infants are getting enough naps throughout the day.  

Napping Guidelines for Kids

napping tips for babies, baby nap guidelines
Make sure your child gets enough naps throughout the day!

Additional studies have proven that naps are extremely beneficial for kid’s overall health and well being. Some benefits of napping include better mood, better attention span, more consistent sleep schedule at night, and healthy growth of brain and body.

It’s also important to recognize when your kid needs a nap before they are flat out exhausted.

Signs Your Kid Needs a Nap

Here are some simple signs you should look out as a guide to know when you should put your baby to sleep:

  • rubbing their eyes
  • looking “glazed”
  • yawning
  • laying down
  • starting to fuss
  • asking for a pacifier
  • losing interest in toys
  • quieting down

Before you put your little one to sleep, make sure to avoid these 9 napping no-nos so your child gets the best nap.

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